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Where and how to use BuZZone
Typical BuZZone Usage Samples are:

If you are a participant at a trade show without a booth, you often encounter a problem of how to find right people and share your information with as many people as possible. At large shows, it is not so easy to navigate the floor or casually meet the right people. You may have the feeling that your participation is about to result in the loss of sales opportunities, potential contacts, time, and money. So do many other visitors at this trade show.
BuZZone installed on the PDAs/laptops of trade show participants will do this most difficult task for them: the program will scan business profiles and search for new potential contacts. After it finds a match, BuZZone will help users make first contact and organize their dialog in a more efficient manner. You can always view profiles of all other users available in the area.
You can discuss important questions, exchange voice and text messages, view business cards, and post your messages on forums using your PDA with installed BuZZone. Our solution is the easiest way of how to advertise your products and services. In future, you will be able to synchronize the system with other trade show navigation and reference systems.
Example: At the entrance to a trade show, a visitor picks up a PDA with installed BuZZone or downloads BuZZone to his/her PDA. Then, trade show service representatives instruct the visitor on how to use the application and customize his/her business profile, make a photo of the visitor and upload it onto the PDA, and help the user copy necessary materials and create his/her virtual booth. After this, the visitor is navigating the exhibition floor, while the system is searching for contacts by the preset business profile and exchanges information with other virtual booths. The system will instantaneously notify the user about a new contact that matches the search criteria with either sound or graphic signals. The user can view the profile of the found contact and exchange startled messages. Users can send messages and files, discuss important problems on forums, and receive advertising materials. When leaving the trade show, the user gives back the PDA he/she borrowed and a service representative saves all data collected during the visit to a user.s medium, for example, a floppy disk.

Organize conferences involving several devices. Conference participants can discuss different topics when personal communication is inconvenient or inappropriate, for example, in a plane, at a meeting or a press conference.
BuZZone allows you to share urgent information with your colleagues at meetings, exchange files and news, and announce future events.

If your friend is too far from you to speak to him/her personally, use your BuZZone in phone mode for free. The quality of BuZZone-enabled phone communication is the same as if you were speaking on the usual cell phone.

It is easy to have your products or services promoted through BuZZone-enabled devices in public places, such as exhibitions, trade centers, airports, railway stations, and recreation facilities.
Our system can be of great help to retailers, who can quickly send out their information about discounts, coupons, and sales through clients roaming malls. You can distribute different kinds of information, for example, announce future events at exhibitions, inform passengers about changes in the timetable, or promote services.

BuZZone extends an opportunity for you to find interesting people by preset searching criteria at cafes, pubs, nightclubs, and dance clubs.
Any person can come to a club with a personal PDA and start searching for other users by search profiles. The system will periodically scan the area for new contacts and if it finds a match, it will inform you about this.
You can view personal profiles and start chatting with other people without making direct contact. Our system will find only the users located near you, maybe at the next table, but it also guarantees your privacy: communication is possible only if both users decide to do this after they view personal profiles.
A BuZZone-enabled wireless environment can be offered as an additional service at nightclubs and other recreation facilities. Club owners will only have to lease PDAs and install BuZZone on them. A special service can be organized to help visitors take and upload digital pictures, create personal and search profiles, and assist them in getting started with electronically enabled communication. The use of innovative technologies will facilitate interaction between people and bring more excitement, attracting more people to this club.

Use BuZZone to find other people or have fun with your friends while spending time in a coffee shop, a university, or a club or while waiting at a supermarket checkout, in a doctor's waiting room, or in an airport.
BuZZone users are independent of Internet providers or cell-phone operators. Your wireless BuZZone-enabled network depends only on the users located in the area. Take your time to get to know new people by using text chats, voice messages, forums, or a BuZZone-enabled phone for free!
We now plan to extend the BuZZone functionality with exciting games. You can play games with the new friends you have just found!

Bluejacking. Bluejacking is a new trend that is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. If you have a Bluetooth-enabled device, search for other devices with Bluetooth and send a personalized message or another startled expression. The user who gets this message usually has no idea as to who sent the message and how it appeared on his/her PDA. You can then have a great time and laugh together with the person you have just bluejacked. BuZZone is a perfect bluejacking tool.

Toothing is a form of anonymous flirt with strangers - usually on some form of transport or enclosed area such as a conference or training seminar. 'Toothers meet by first connecting suitable equipment - such as a modern phone or palmtop computer. Users 'discover' other computers or phones in the vicinity and then send a speculative message. The usual greeting is: 'Toothing?'.
If the other party is interested, messages are exchanged until a suitable location is agreed - usually a public toilet, although there are tales of more adventurous spots such as deserted carriages or staff areas. What happens next is up to you!
With BuZZone - Toothing idea becomes a reality and even more!

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