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System Requirements
The current version of the BuZZone product supports the following configurations:

Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows NT / 2000 / XP
Microsoft Pocket PC 2002
Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003
Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0

Desktop PC / Laptop / PDA
Bluetooth Module: Embedded, USB-compatible, Compact Flash Type II Card, PC Card (PCMCIA)
Device Approximate Radio Range
Hassnet BUD1100 100 m
Cellink BTA-3000 10 m
USB Mavin BluePen 40 m
Tecom 3030 100 m
Bluetake BT009S Poke2 10 m
Bluetake BT009V Crystal 10 m
Bluetake BT007 100-130 m
Belkin PC Card 10 m
Belkin PDA Adapter Card 10 m
Belkin USB Adapter Unknown
USB Dongle (Model No. BMUC2 / MBD-C2.1) 40 m
Home Lan Kit BT-221C * 50 m
Compact Flash Card Bluetake BT100s-PLUS 10 m
Compact flash Card Billionton 10 m
Air2U BTU02 * 15 m
Billionton USB Dongle 100 m
BLUEFlash 10 m
Billionton PCMCIA 10 m
TDK Fone Styla (USB) * 250 m
TDK PC Card + (PCMCIA) 250 m
TDK USB Adaptor + 250 m
TDK PC Card (PCMCIA) 50 m
TDK USB Adaptor 50 m
Brainboxes CF Bluetooth Card Unknown
* Probably, this Bluetooth module DOES NOT provided with WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software. Please, make sure using utility GetLocalInfo

Additional software of third-party firms:
WIDCOMM Bluetooth communication software (drivers):
    1.  BTW versions: 1.2.x, 1.3.x, 1.4.x
    2.  BTW-CE versions:, 1.3.x, 1.4.x

Examples of devices meeting the given configuration requirements:

Example 1
PDAs HP iPAQ: 19xx, 22xx, 38xx, 39xx, 54xx, 55xx with embedded Bluetooth modules.

Example 2
1.  Any Windows-based PDA with Compact Flash Type II slot (for example, Dell Axim)
2.  Bluetooth Compact Flash Type II Card: BrainBoxes (1.2.0, 1.2.1, 1.2.2), Billionton, Belkin, BlueTake

Example 3
1.  Windows-based desktop PC with USB slot
2.  Bluetooth USB dongle: Belkin, TDK Systems

Example 4
1.  Windows-based laptop with PCMCIA slot
2.  Bluetooth PC Card device: Belkin, TDK Systems

Local configuration test
You can use free utility to:
Find out whether your Bluetooth module uses the WIDCOMM drivers; if yes, of what version Read in details
Find out the BD address of your Bluetooth device Read in details

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