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BacupIT announced the release BuZZone product for Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0.
Now all capabilities BuZZone Pro for free.
You can download new BuZZOne version from downloads page.

Bacup IT extended Bluetooth development library capabilities
Bacup IT released a new version of BuZZone SDK - library for developing Bluetooth applications for mobile devices. Now developers are able to create not only client-server Bluetooth applications for smart devices like PDAs and PCs, but also Bluetooth client applications working with devices like Bluetooth cable replacement, Bluetooth printers, etc.
Latest release of BuZZone SDK included the following:
Support for RFCOMM connections. Now you can create RFCOMM connection to any Bluetooth device that supports it and exchange data.
Expanded Bluetooth search capabilities: now you can find not only BuZZone-based Bluetooth devices, but all available Bluetooth devices in the radio range and query them for all available services.
Added one more sample to BuZZone SDK: device search and creating RFCOMM connection.
Added a method to get RFCOMM connection statistics, including Bluetooth signal strength, which could be used to calculate the distance between Bluetooth devices.
You can download and try new BuZZone SDK demo version from: BuZZone SDK Demo

Bacup IT announced the release of BuZZone SDK: library for developing Bluetooth applications for mobile devices
BuZZone SDK makes it possible to create software using Bluetooth on mobile platforms. BuZZone SDK provides software interfaces to BuZZone platform, the functional layer above the Bluetooth stack of protocols. BuZZone product is developed using BuZZone SDK. BuZZone SDK simplifies the development of Bluetooth applications, extends the possibilities of Bluetooth technology and makes it possible to overcome some technical limitations imposed by Bluetooth specification.
BuZZone SDK is intended for the companies, which develop software that works on mobile platforms.
The companies which develop games, utilities and corporate systems for the mobile platforms with the help of BuZZone SDK would be able to make their solutions wireless. This would be achieved without spending efforts on studies of the low-level organization of the Bluetooth wireless networks. Furthermore the buyers of BuZZone SDK would be able to use some additional advantages, which expand the possibilities of Bluetooth.
The game developers for Pocket PCs could make their products multi-user on the base of Bluetooth wireless networks using BuZZone SDK.
Key features and advantages
It simplifies the development of Bluetooth applications
The library contains high level functions. It is not necessary for the developers who would be using BuZZone SDK to spend time and effort on studies of low-level organization of Bluetooth wireless networks.
It has lower price than analogue products
The price of one license of the BuZZone SDK library is $500
It expands the possibilities of the Bluetooth technology
It allows broadcasting messages to all accessible devices with the subsequent transfer along the chain
Gives a developer the possibility to create their own new Bluetooth profile
It is a layer above the L2CAP Bluetooth protocol - the lowest-level within the Bluetooth application protocols stack which ensures the high channel capacity
It gives to the developer a possibility to implement the regular automatic search for devices
It gives a possibility to overcome some technical limitations imposed by Bluetooth specification:
a) Simultaneously it unites into a network more than seven devices. Their quantity is limited only by resources available in mobile device
b) Can cover distances much bigger than 30 meters
Current version of BuZZone SDK supports PDAs working under Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 and Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 and laptops / PCs working under Microsoft Windows NT / 2000 / XP. Supported Bluetooth protocols: all versions of stacks developed by WIDCOMM. Bacup IT plans to release BuZZone SDK for Symbian OS in the nearest future.

Samsung mini-forum "Wireless networks and protocols"
On the 13th of May the company Samsung carried out a mini-forum "Wireless networks and protocols" in Moscow. Only four Russian organizations were invited to this meeting. These were two scientific research institutes and two commercial companies, including Bacup IT.
The purpose of Korean delegation was preliminary meeting with the Russian researchers, who work at the themes which interest Samsung. On the mini- forum Russian organizations came out with presentations of their projects.
They told about their developments and shared experiences. This was followed by round table meeting, during which the participants of the mini- forum discussed mutual cooperation possibilities.
Bacup IT presented product BuZZone - system for the mobile devices, which works with Bluetooth wireless technology. The representatives of the Samsung were impressed by the new directions in use of Bluetooth and potential which gives BuZZone. Specifically two functions of BuZZone caught the attention of Korean delegation: possibility to communicate on Bluetooth in the phone mode and the expansion of the Bluetooth radio range due to the transmission of data through the intermediate devices.
The representatives of Samsung assured that after returning to Korea they will forward the information about product BuZZone to the working group, which is occupied by studies in the field of Bluetooth technology. Also they expressed their hope for the establishment of productive collaboration with the company Bacup IT.

Complete rights to product BuZZone
Now all rights to the program solution BuZZone belong exclusively to the company Bacup IT. BuZZone is program for the palmtops and notebooks. It makes possible to find and to establish contacts between the set of devices in the small distances and then to exchange information between them. At the basis of this system lies the technology of wireless connection Bluetooth.
The version of BuZZone 2.0 is given free of charge. The commercial version BuZZone Pro 2.0, released in April, considerably enlarges the communication possibilities placed in the free version of the product. BuZZone Pro 2.0 gives a possibility to communicate in forum with an increase of covered area of Bluetooth, and also to talk by means of telephone on Bluetooth. Bacup IT plans the active advance of this product on the market of mobile solutions.
Shortly the company will be concentrated on the search for the investments, intended for further development of the system BuZZone.

BuZZone a PDA-based wireless communication solution is now FREE!
Exion Systems announces the release of a new version of BuZZone 2.0, a PDA-based wireless communication system. You can have BuZZone absolutely for FREE! Everyone can now enjoy outstanding BuZZone capabilities for exciting wireless communication.
BuZZone is a program running on Bluetooth PDAs and laptops that makes it easier to search for new contacts, exchange business information, and make new contacts.
With BuZZone, create your personal profile to share your interests, personal or business information with other users, including photo and voice messages, and define the criteria for people you want to make contact with. Wherever you are, at a trade show, in a subway, at a restaurant, or a mall, your BuZZone will be in continuous search for other BuZZone users located nearby. If it finds another user profile that matches your search criteria, the program will offer both users to get acquainted and start talking.
The new BuZZone version can:
Periodically search for new contacts based on profiles that may contain personal and business information, a photo, and a voice greeting.
Exchange instant text and voice messages.
Use smileys and text templates for frequently used phrases to facilitate typing.
Support an unlimited number of simultaneous communication sessions.
You can use BuZZone for making personal and business contacts:
Business use - Search for new partners at trade shows, exhibitions, or business meetings; exchange business information.
Personal use - Search for new people with the same interests or making romantic contacts at clubs, pubs, and entertainment centers.
Now you can easily share BuZZone with your colleagues or friends who can simply copy the BuZZone installation file from your PDA to their devices through Bluetooth.
The system is based on Bluetooth wireless communication technology. BuZZone is running on PDAs under Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 and Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 and on laptops and PCs under Microsoft Windows NT / 2000 / XP. Exion Systems is now developing BuZZone versions for other popular mobile platforms.

New BuZZone Pro extends Bluetooth horizons
Exion Systems announces the release of a new version of BuZZone 2.0, a PDA-based wireless communication system. Compared with the free version of BuZZone, BuZZone Pro unique features enable users to post messages on forums, thus extending the Bluetooth coverage area, and talk by phone via Bluetooth for free!
Similar to BuZZone, BuZZone Pro key features include easy communication, exchanging information, and searching for new contacts by preset profiles. You can also enjoy extended BuZZone Pro capabilities without spending money on additional devices and software:
Forums extending the Bluetooth coverage area
BuZZone Pro users can organize personal forums or post messages and start topics in the existing forums. BuZZone Pro broadcasts messages through intermediate devices. The system will send your message to all available devices, which, in turn, will retranslate it to other PDAs, thus extending the Bluetooth coverage area. Every user can join available forums created by other users, subscribe to forums of interest, post his/her messages, or start new topics. With BuZZone-based forums, trade show organizers can easily broadcast news, announce events, start discussions, advertise products or services, or interview show participants.
Telephone communication for free
BuZZone Pro enables users to talk on the .phone. for free. Using a microphone and speakers built in your PDA, you can speak to your contact as if you are using the usual phone. To suppress echo, it is better to use headphones or hands free sets. You can speak as long as you want because the .call. is free. The quality of BuZZone .phone. communication is comparable to cell phone communication.
You can use BuZZone Pro to:
Search for new partners at trade shows, conferences and business meetings; exchange information
Make friends and talk to other people at clubs, restaurants and recreation centers.
Organize wireless forums, conferences, and discussions; broadcast commercials at trade centers.
Announce events and send news to multiple recipients; inform potential customers about services.
Speak on the phone for free at small distances.
BuZZone Pro is running on PDAs under Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 and Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 and on laptops and PCs under Microsoft Windows NT / 2000 / XP. Exion Systems is now developing BuZZone versions for other popular mobile platforms.

St. Valentine's Day with BuZZone: Find Your Valentine!
Exion Systems wishes everyone a happy St. Valentine's Day! And its new software, BuZZone, the price of which is three times lower now, will help you find your Valentine!
BuZZone is a program for PDAs with Bluetooth, a system for wireless communication.
BuZZone allows you to easily become acquainted and communicate. Imagine, in a night club, a bar or a cafe you see a lot of attractive people. You can set your personal profile, contact search profile and start a search. BuZZone will show you those contacts which are interesting for you. You will be able to browse the contact which was found (including a photo and a voice greeting) and get acquainted. Meanwhile, those people will not know where exactly you are. On becoming acquainted you will be able to exchange text or voice messages, arrange to meet each other, and continue the party together!
Exion Systems makes BuZZone even more available for you! During these three weeks from February 9 till February 29 you can buy BuZZone for the price three times lower! The new price is only $4.99. Moreover, for everybody who buys the BuZZone license during this period the second license is absolutely free! Hurry up to make a gift to those who you love!
Mind that people who buy BuZZone will receive new versions of the product for free!

Exclusive Offer: Get BuZZone for Free!
A new, exclusive offer from Exion Systems for BuZZone users!
If you have purchased one of the BuZZone family products (BuZZone or BuZZone Business Edition), you will get another absolutely free! At present, the BuZZone family includes BuZZone and BuZZone Business Edition. You need only one license to use both products. If you already have a BuZZone license, download a demo version of BuZZone Business Edition from and activate it using your BuZZone license.
BuZZone is an application for PDAs and laptops that facilitates making new contacts and communicating with them. With BuZZone, a fascinating world of wireless communication will become more friendly and convenient. The key features of BuZZone are exchanging text and voice messages and speaking in phone mode.
BuZZone Business Edition is an analog of BuZZone that can be used to search for new business contacts at trade shows or other business meetings and to exchange contact information and other materials in text or voice modes.
The system is empowered with Bluetooth wireless technology that is becoming extremely popular with users.
Don't wait! Order your license now! This is a limited time offer!

BuZZone Business Edition: Searching for New Partners at Trade Shows and Efficiently Exchanging Information.
Exion Systems announced the release of BuZZone Business Edition, a BuZZone solution for business use. BuZZone is a program running on Bluetooth PDAs and laptops that makes it easier to search for new business contacts at trade shows and to exchange contact information and other valuable materials in text or voice modes. The system is empowered with Bluetooth wireless technology that is becoming increasingly popular worldwide.
Imagine that you are a participant at a trade show trying to establish new business contacts. As you have no booth, you have to walk through the entire trade area and listen to the talks of other exhibitors, trying to find potentially useful contacts. At large shows, it is not so easy to navigate the floor or casually meet the right people. You might simply have no time for that. You have the feeling that your participation is about to result in the loss of sales opportunities, potential contacts, time, and money. As do many other visitors at this trade show.
This problem can be easily solved with BuZZone Business Edition. This application when installed on your PDA uses Bluetooth wireless technology to enable an efficient exchange of information with analogous devices. When a similar device using BuZZone appears within a 30 m distance of you, your BuZZone will receive the business profile of the other user, and, if it matches your preset search criteria, it will notify you about that person. You can immediately view the business profile of another PDA owner and make contact with him/her by sending text or voice messages.
Key features:
Search for partners by a preset business profile
Easy to make new contacts
Sending text messages
Sending voice messages
BuZZone Business Edition offers several important and distinct advantages over other systems of wireless communication designed for use at trade shows and business meetings:
An advanced search for potential partners by business profiles that include contact information, photo, and voice records
Convenient communication modes: text and voice messages
A 100% guarantee that the contact found is located nearby
Search and communication outside the visible area
An easy-to-use solution that requires no additional transmitters or access points
Unlimited number of simultaneously interacting devices

The first version of the BuZZone system for wireless communication is released.
There is a widespread opinion that the more time people spend with their computers, the less interested they become in other people and contacts with them. In fact, it is a mere stereotype. As a proof of this, there appeared a system, which makes it possible to considerably multiply the circle of non-virtual acquaintance.
Exion Systems has announced the release of the first version of the Bluetooth-based system for wireless communication. The system is called BuZZone, meaning literally 'the area for communicating'. The essence of it is rather simple. Any owner of a PDA or a laptop, which is equipped with a Bluetooth transmitter can use the system and search for other users in the range of 10-50 meters. They can browse the person's profile (name, photo, etc.) and exchange text or voice messages with him/her. The system can be used on conferences, in cafes, planes, buses, and any other place with many people. Meanwhile, the devices may not necessarily be in direct view. Moreover, you need no cables or any other additional devices. The only thing you need is a mobile device with the Bluetooth and BuZZone systems set on it.
As far as technical characteristics are concerned, they allow very different groups of customers to use the system, as it supports the most widespread operating systems used in laptops, namely Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, as well as the most popular PDA operating systems like Windows CE and Windows Mobile. The work with Bluetooth is based on the WIDCOMM software. This software is used for most PDA's with built-in Bluetooth transmitters, as well as for USB, CF Card and PCMCIA Bluetooth modules.
Thus, the BuZZone system can be used with practically any kind of a PDA and laptop.
In October 2003, it will be recalled, a demo version of BuZZone was released. Since then, the system has acquired all the necessary features of a saleable product, namely installation program, illegal coping protection, help system and localization to Russian and English. The developers also speak of increased safety and work speed and some bugs being eliminated.
Another important difference from the demo-version is the fact that the system has become available for users. On the BuZZone web-site, you can download a limited version of the BuZZone software for free or a full-blown version for any of the supported operating systems for a small price. Also, materials to help using the product are presented on the web-site. Users can send to the developers their comments, wishes concerning future versions, and also report on malfunctions of the software.
At present, the company is developing a new version of the BuZZone system, which will considerably enrich the possibilities and areas of application.

TechRun-DI&T and Bacup IT, two software companies from Russia, announced joint establishment of the Exion Systems Company.
The major line of activity of the company is development of high-technology software solutions for wireless communication.
According to the founders, the key to success of Exion Systems is many years' experience and high professional level of the personnel of the two companies, on the one hand, and also new and promising sphere of work, on the other.
Today already the company has finished the first version of the base product -- the system of wireless communication called BuZZone.

Bacup IT and TechRun announced the release of an evaluation version of the BuZZone product. The product is meant for communication between mobile devices based on the Bluetooth wireless technology.
The principle difference of this product from similar solutions is an original software architecture which allows any user to communicate with potentially unlimited number of other users.
The evaluation version includes the possibility to search for new contacts according to personal profiles and search criteria. When a contact is found, you can browse his/her personal profile and can get acquainted with the most interesting contacts. Then, you can enter a text chat mode and discuss the topics you want. When someone has found you and wants to get acquainted, the system let you know by a sound notification. Besides, you can use an audio chat, which works like a walkie-talkie. This makes possible to exchange voice messages without personal contact. Meanwhile, the system preserves full anonymity for subscribers that participate in communication: they know neither the exact location of each other, nor the addresses and telephone numbers; nevertheless, they can be sure that the person they are chatting with resides close to them, probably at the neighboring table in a cafe or bar.
A considerable system feature is complete absence of traffic fees: while you are in the Bluetooth radio range, you can communicate freely and with no limitations.

Bacup IT and TechRun, two software developing companies from Novosibirsk (Russia), started creating a new solution for communication between mobile devices based on the Bluetooth wireless technology.
At present, we are witnessing a growing tendency towards using mobile devices for both work and leisure. One of the features of being mobile is having a wireless communication. Among the family of technologies which provide such communication, Bluetooth is gaining more and more in popularity. This technology is meant to communicate data over short distances and it is already supported by a large number of devices. Among them are PDA's, laptops and smartphones.
The principle difference of this product from similar solutions is an original software architecture which allows any user to communicate with potentially unlimited number of other users. In the first version we will implement the possibility of text and voice communication between users of mobile devices. Also, it will be possible to search for and get acquainted with people on the basis of some matching criteria. At the same time, the system preserves full anonymity of subscribers. Another useful feature is the possibility to organize text and voice conferences with several people at a time.
Another considerable system feature is complete absence of traffic fees: while you are in the Bluetooth radio range (10-30 meters), you can communicate freely and with no limitations.

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