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BuZZone Benefits
Everyone can take advantage of using BuZZone:

1. Users can:
Simply install the BuZZone application on your Bluetooth-enabled PDA without having to buy a special device.
Be sure that your contact or business partner is located nearby, probably sitting at the next table in a restaurant or standing at the next exhibition booth.
Be located out of other users' sight when starting a conversation.
Extend unlimitedly the BuZZone coverage area when discussing topics on forums.
Do any things they want while BuZZone is automatically searching for new contacts in the area.
Speak on the BuZZone-enabled phone for free (within the Bluetooth range).
Talk to as many users as they want.
Be independent of access points and telecommunications providers.
Communicate over the Bluetooth range for free!
Take advantage of the simple BuZZone user interface.

2. Trade show organizers
Providing your visitors with this service, you will increase the number of visitors who can organize virtual booths without having to provide more space. This service will attract more people to your event and increase the efficiency of their participation.

3. Club owners
BuZZone can be a successful promoting solution to attract more people to your club. The BuZZone service will facilitate making new contacts and your clients will soon appreciate their being able to easily start conversations with other people. As an owner, you can make profit from leased PDAs and the increased number of clients. Your place equipped with BuZZone-enabled devices will attract more people than other nightclubs.

4. Managers at shopping centers, airports, and hotels
Use BuZZone to inform your customers about services, upcoming events, and special offers. This will result in an increase in profit and an improvement of the quality of your service.

5. Organizers of BTL and promotion actions geared toward young clientele
Your advertising or marketing agency can use BuZZone to enliven BTL or promotion actions. For example, BuZZone can be used in a promotion campaign targeted to young people. Organize an event where young people will meet, talk, and win prizes using BuZZone.

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