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BuZZone: New Solution for Wireless Communication
The BuZZone application offers users the convenience of using Bluetooth-enabled laptops and PDAs to find new contacts, communicate over small distances, and share information related to their business.
BuZZone works as follows: your personal profile will tell other people about your interests, either personal or business, including photo and voice messages. In turn, define your search criteria for people you want to make contact with. Wherever you are, at a trade show, in a subway or a coffee house, your BuZZone will be in continuous search for other BuZZone users located nearby. If it finds another user with a profile matching your search criteria, the program will invite both users to get acquainted and start talking. You can also join BuZZone-based wireless forums to discuss various topics with your virtual contacts.
The key features of the system are:

Empowered with an advanced forum engine, BuZZone extends the Bluetooth coverage range for your wireless network. BuZZone-enabled devices can exchange data over longer distances through intermediate BuZZone-enabled devices. For example, two PDAs located at a distance of 100 meters can exchange messages if there are two other PDAs between them.
BuZZone users can open new forums or join the existing ones to post messages or start new topics. You can view all BuZZone-based forums available in the area at the moment. If there is a forum of interest to you, subscribe to it and share your opinion with other people. You can send advertising messages throughout the wireless network so that other users could read your commercial information. BuZZone forums allow you to broadcast news, announce future events, interview participants, or conduct follow-up studies at trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences.
BuZZone users discuss any questions arising when personal contacts are inconvenient or inappropriate, for example, while viewing or listening to presentations, attending meetings, or having classes. BuZZone is a convenient tool for exchanging opinions and documents with your co-workers in situations when personal talks are impossible.

To enjoy all available BuZZone features, you should fill out a personal profile and a search profile. BuZZone can be used in almost any situation: you may create either romantic or business profiles including your photograph and voice greeting.
The system is constantly searching for other users by preset search criteria. If it finds a match, you will be immediately notified about a potential contact near you. Before making direct contact, users can view information about each other, exchange messages, and decide whether they want to start a conversation. BuZZone will not disturb your privacy because users can view only shared information and you do not have to disclose your contact information unless you really want to do this.
When the system notifies you that it found another device, this means that a potential contact is somewhere near you, maybe at the next table or exhibition booth, but its exact location is still unknown. Using Bluetooth enabled PDAs with installed BuZZone, users can find each other at a distance and converse without using the phone.

You can prevent other users from viewing your personal or business profiles.

Before making direct contact, you can take your time to get acquainted with another user to prevent undesirable communication. When your device receives a request for communication, you can view another user profile, picture, and listen to the voice message and then make a decision whether to decline or accept the invitation. After you accept the invitation, you can start talking with another user or even meet in person.

BuZZone has several communication modes:
Text chat
Exchange instant messages and insert smileys into your messages. Most frequently used phrases are stored in memory to facilitate typing. When using text mode, you are available for other contacts.
Voice messages
Record and send voice messages in chat mode. The program will save last received messages.
Speak on the phone for free
You can speak with your contacts over small distances using a microphone and speakers built into your PDA as if you are speaking on the usual phone. To suppress the echo, it is recommended that you use either headphones or hands free sets. You can speak as long as you wish because the "call" is free. The quality of BuZZone "phone" communication is comparable to that of usual cell phones.

In future, the system will allow you not only to share text or graphic information but also exchange files and save them in memory. Business partners will be able to exchange electronic documents, presentations, etc. Moreover, the system will enable you to send out your electronic documents through all similar devices available in the area.

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