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The BuZZone SDK library makes it possible to create software upon the Bluetooth base designed for mobile platforms. BuZZone SDK provides software interfaces to BuZZone platform, the functional layer above the Bluetooth stack of protocols. BuZZone product is developed using BuZZone SDK. BuZZone SDK simplifies the development of Bluetooth applications, extends the possibilities of Bluetooth technology and makes it possible to solve some technical limitations caused by Bluetooth specification.

BuZZone SDK is intended for the companies which produce software that works on mobile platforms.
The companies which develop games, utilities and corporate systems for the mobile platforms with the help of BuZZone SDK would be able to make their solutions wireless. This would be achieved without spending efforts on studies of the low-level organization of the Bluetooth wireless networks. Furthermore the buyers of BuZZone SDK would be able to use some additional advantages which expand the possibilities of Bluetooth.
The game developers for Pocket PCs could make them multiuser on the base of Bluetooth wireless networks using BuZZone SDK.

Simplifies the development of Bluetooth applications
The library contains high level functions. It is not necessary for developers who would be using BuZZone SDK to spend time and effort on studies of low-level Bluetooth wireless network organization.
Lower price than analogue products
The price for one BuZZone SDK library license is $500.
Expands the possibilities of Bluetooth technology
It allows broadcasting messages to all accessible devices with the subsequent transfer along the chain.
It provides a developer with the possibility to create their own applied Bluetooth profile.
It is a layer upon the L2CAP Bluetooth protocol - the lowest-level within Bluetooth protocols stack which ensures a high channel capacity.
It gives the developer the possibility to make regular automatic searches for other devices.
It allows the possibility to overcome technical limitations imposed by Bluetooth specifications.
It supports two types of Bluetooth connections
Intermittent connection based development: uses L2CAP protocol, allows to create client and server-side Bluetooth applications, overcoming Bluetooth restrictions: effective range and number of devices in a network.
Permanent connection based development: supports L2CAP for developing client-server Bluetooth applications and supports RfComm to create client applications. BuZZone SDK includes sample illustrating working with RfComm protocol
The standard Bluetooth interface BuZZone SDK
Simultaneously unites into a network of not more than seven devices Simultaneously unites into a multiple device network. The quantity is limited only by the resources of the operating system
Covers a distance not greater than 30 meters Can cover distances further than 30 meters
Network Architecture

If a device functions in slave mode, then no other device which is outside the existing network can find it.

All devices are equal and could be formed into a network.

Two forms of connections

With a connection an unlimited quantity of devices can be united into a network and data can be transferred between them over large distances along the chain.

The price of one license of BuZZone SDK library is $500. The license grants a nonexclusive, nontransferable right to use the BuZZone SDK solely for the development of commercial software products. The Licensee may use the BuZZone SDK only for the development of original software products.
Delivery set BuZZone SDK includes:
1. Dynamically linked library (.dll)
2. Library File (.lib)
3. Header file that defines library interfaces (.h)
4. Document that describes library interfaces (API)
5. Examples of source code that illustrate the use of the BuZZone SDK library
6. Necessary files of the WIDCOMM SDK dynamically linked libraries (BTW, BTW-CE)
Bacup IT provides a 6 months technical support service for BuZZone SDK. It includes:
Consultations via e-mail on the use of a product
Free updates, including bugfixes

Supported platforms:
Microsoft Pocket PC 2002
Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003,2005 Pocket PC
Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0
Microsoft Windows NT / 2000 / XP
Supported stacks of Bluetooth protocols:
Stacks of the WIDCOMM production of all versions
Examples of devices, supported by the library BuZZone SDK:
PDA: HP iPAQ - most models with Bluetooth; Asus MyPal A620; Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox 720; Dell Axim X30; FIC Pocket PC
USB Dongles: Belkin, Psion, TDK, Billionton, BlueTake etc
Compact Flash: Belkin, BrainBoxes, Billionton, BlueTake etc
PCMCIA (PC Card): TDK, Belkin, Billionton etc
Use the utility GetLocalInfo in order to learn if your Bluetooth module uses driver devices of WIDCOMM production, and if yes then which version.

You can download and try BuZZone SDK demo version from: BuZZone SDK Demo

If you need additional information about this product, licensing and purchasing procedure, please write to /eng/feedback.html
Contact information: Bacup IT

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