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The Bacup IT Company is interested in finding business partners for co-operation. We are ready to discuss any proposals on how to improve the system and enlarge its possibilities and offers connected with distribution and popularization of the product.

If you are interested in:
Joint promotion of the BuZZone system
Introduction of BuZZone-based solutions
Distribution of the BuZZone system through your dealer net
Adaptation and integration of BuZZone into your corporate solutions
Joint licensing of the BuZZone system for working with your product
Please, contact us at:

For game developers consideration!

The Bacup IT Company especially addresses the developers of PDA games with an offer of mutually beneficial co-operation. If your game is meant for several devices, we are ready to consider the question of joint licensing and including your games into the package of the entertainment version of BuZZone. It will allow your games function using the Bluetooth wireless communication. We will be glad to consider any proposals from the developers who find that interesting at