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Frequently Asked Questions

1   General Questions
1.1   What is BuZZone for and what can be done with the help of it?
BuZZone is meant for communication between mobile devices based on the Bluetooth wireless technology. It allows one to organize wireless mobile communities, search contacts that match profiles, communicate with text and voice messages, organize message broadcasts, and initiate polls and surveys. Read in details
1.2   Who can find BuZZone really useful?
BuZZone users, exhibition organizers, night club and entertainment center owners, trading center, airport and hotel administrators can feel all the product advantages and benefit from using it.
1.3   Today we have a number of various systems for getting acquainted and communicating. What makes BuZZone different?
In comparison with similar solutions for getting acquainted, wireless communication and using at exhibitions, the BuZZone product has a number of advantages:
It is guaranteed that the contact which has been found found (a friend or a business partner) is somewhere nearby
It is possible to search for contacts and communicate out from line-of-sight within the range of approximately 30 meters
The number of interacting devices is unlimited
The system does not depend on mobile operators and does not need access points or additional devices
There are no traffic fees. Once bought, the system can be used freely and with no limitations
The system is easy to use. No need to have any additional devices or customize additional parameters
Audio chat support, telephone and walkie-talkie modes
Possibility to download a photo and voice greeting from the device found
The system does not require a separate device, the platform is set on a mobile device with a Bluetooth module
Possibility to organize message broadcasts to all the available devices
1.4   I often visit different exhibitions and conferences. There, it is important not to miss a potential partner or a client. What can BuZZone do for me?
One of the usages of BuZZone is exactly search for partners at exhibitions and organizing wireless conferences. You can customize your personal profile, the data about your company and the search criteria for business partners and clients. BuZZone will be searching for only the suitable people with whom lately you will be able to arrange a personal meeting.
1.5   I like to get acquainted for private ends by various chats and forums. But so far it was impossible to be near the person you are communicating with. Can it be done with BuZZone?
Yes, getting acquainted for private matters is one of the main usages of BuZZone. It can search and get acquainted with people according to some matching parameters, interests or particular purposes.
You customize your acquaintance parameters, personal profile, interests and purposes, among them. Besides, you customize the search parameters, i.e. what people you are interested in.
Having come to a club or an entertainment center, you run the search. BuZZone searches at regular intervals for matching parameters. When a contact is found, the system gives notification immediately. You can browse each other's profiles, get acquainted and start communicating. Meanwhile, you can be sure that your new acquaintance is somewhere nearby, probably at a neighboring table in a cafe, and he/she knows nothing about your exact location.
1.6   What wireless technology is BuZZone based on?
The BuZZone product is based on the Bluetooth wireless technology which is meant to communicate data over short distances.
The advantages of the Bluetooth technology are:
Support by many devices
Possibility to connect within a wireless net different kinds of devices from household appliances to computers
Small size and low price of the transmitter
Low power consumption
Simple installment to other devices
Possibility to function out from line-of-sight (in comparison with IR port connection)
1.7   I would like to try to use BuZZone. What should I do for the system to work on my PDA?
If you have a PDA with the embedded Bluetooth, the only thing to do is to download BuZZone and to install it on your PDA. It is worth reading the system requirements beforehand to understand whether BuZZone will work on your PDA or not.
If your PDA does not have the embedded Bluetooth but has a slot for a Compact Flash Type II, in addition you will have to purchase such Bluetooth card.
1.8   Can BuZZone work on my laptop under Windows?
Yes, one of the platforms that BuZZone supports are IBM-compatible PC's and laptops. The only thing you should pay your attention to is whether your laptop supports Bluetooth. If it does not, you can purchase a PCMCIA card or USB device with the Bluetooth chip.
1.9   Can I first try BuZZone for free?
Yes, there is an evaluation version of BuZZone which illustrates its private usage. You can download it.
2   BuZZone Usage
2.1   I run the acquaintance search but there appear no contacts in my contact list, though I no for sure there is a Bluetooth device nearby. Why can it be so?
One of the reasons may be different radio devices near your PDA or laptop interfering with the work of the Bluetooth radio. That is why BuZZone cannot find anything.
2.2   BuZZone does not respond to my actions for a long time. How can I improve that?
Try to restart BuZZone. If you have a PDA and the restart of BuZZone does not help, try Soft Reset.

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