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Similar to BuZZone, BuZZone Pro key features include easy communication, exchanging information, and searching for new contacts by preset profiles. You can also enjoy extended BuZZone Pro capabilities without spending money on additional devices and software:
Forums extending the Bluetooth coverage area
BuZZone Pro users can organize personal forums or post messages and start topics in the existing forums. BuZZone Pro broadcasts messages through intermediate devices. The system will send your message to all available devices, which, in turn, will retranslate it to other PDAs, thus extending the Bluetooth coverage area. Every user can join available forums created by other users, subscribe to forums of interest, post his/her messages, or start new topics. With BuZZone-based forums, trade show organizers can easily broadcast news, announce events, start discussions, advertise products or services, or interview show participants.

BuZZone Pro
Telephone communication for free
BuZZone Pro enables users to talk on the .phone. for free. Using a microphone and speakers built in your PDA, you can speak to your contact as if you are using the usual phone. To suppress echo, it is better to use headphones or hands free sets. You can speak as long as you want because the .call. is free. The quality of BuZZone .phone. communication is comparable to cell phone communication.

You can use BuZZone Pro to:
Search for new partners at trade shows, conferences and business meetings; exchange information.
Make friends and talk to other people at clubs, restaurants and recreation centers.
Organize wireless forums, conferences, and discussions; broadcast commercials at trade centers.
Announce events and send news to multiple recipients; inform potential customers about services.
Speak on the phone for free at small distances.

Download 30-day BuZZone Pro demo.
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Alternative web resources to download BuZZone in case of problems with downloading from this website:
Web resource BuZZone Free Version BuZZone Pro Demo Version

Note: Now you can easily share BuZZone with your colleagues or friends who can simply copy the BuZZone installation file (CAB) from your PDA to their devices directly via Bluetooth.

Installation instructions:
1. If you have downloaded BuZZone installer with UNCHECKED field "Download as CAB (Pocket PC only)?". Run the installation program on your desktop PC. Follow all the steps of the Installation Wizard. To install on a PDA: set your PDA into the cradle and run the installation program. BuZZone will be installed at once or the next time the PDA is in the cradle.
2. If you have downloaded BuZZone installer with CHECKED field "Download as CAB (Pocket PC only)?". Copy downloaded CAB file to your PDA and execute it. BuZZone installer will automatically install the BuZZone software.

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